Nestlé Healthy Kids Global Programme Project Credits/Acknowledgements
Project Management:

Consumer Relations, Nestlé Caribbean Region

Project Coordinators:
  • Shaunelle Mieres Aporicio - Market Nutritionist
  • Dexter Jacobs - Technical Lead, Digital Specialist
Project Nutritionists:
  • Rhonda Richardson- Regional Nutritionist
  • Shaunelle Mieres-Aporicio, Market Nutritionist
  • Vanessa Matrina – nutritionist, National School Dietary Services Limited
Project Partners:
  • National School Dietary Services Limited – Trinidad, West indies
  • Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (Trinidad Centre) – Trinidad, West Indies
  • The Ministry of Education, Government of Trinidad and Tobago – Trinidad, West Indies
Creative Agency:

Publicis Caribbean Limited – Trindiad, West Indies

Website Development:

Simply Intense Media Limited – Trinidad, West Indies

References/Websites used:
Children, Youth and Women's Health Service
Adelaide, South Austrialia
The Nemours Foundation/KidsHealth®.

Reference Text Books:

Nutrition Made Simple
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Kingston, Jamaica

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7th Edition

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